Dec 22, 2016 by

It was the day of our annual free Christmas Dinner for the Community, a tradition we began four years earlier to bring the...

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Hope for a broken world

Jul 15, 2016 by

Just yesterday I discovered the following new hymn written by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, a gifted writer and musician, whose words...

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Questions, Questions

Mar 11, 2016 by

This week I came face to face with another person in the midst of a crisis and heard the question calling forth from the depths of...

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Let my soul wait in silence

Jan 29, 2016 by

I love Maya Angelou, the great poet and author because like me, she had a love of words – no, not just written words, by which she...

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A word from the Pastor

Nov 30, 2015 by

The Knock The knock came at the door of the inn.  It was late.  We can imagine the innkeeper had been burning both ends of the...

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