Children & Youth

Children’s Moment  After the morning’s scripture reading, Miss Janice talks with the children about how the message relates to all of us. There may be a visual that helps to make a point, or questions may be asked to help dig into a story, and sometimes there is even a special treat.  The children are encouraged to respond and share from their own experiences which illustrates how the Bible teachings speak to everyone, no matter our age.  What happens is often unpredictable, but always meaningful.

After the Children’s Message at the 9:30AM service, children are dismissed to Worship Enrichment where they learn even more about the components of worship before heading off to their Sunday School classes.

Our Youth Program challenges junior and senior high students to develop socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Discipleship opportunities are a balance of Fellowship, Service and Spirituality. Favorite fellowship activities include overnight lock-ins at the church, scavenger hunts, laser tag, ice skating, cosmic bowling, escape rooms, rock wall climbing, hiking to the cross at Jumonville, or just grabbing a snack a local restaurant. Most of the youth participate in the Appalachia Service Project mission trip each summer when they travel to central Appalachia to make homes warmer, safer and drier. Spiritual growth continues well beyond confirmation as the youth build relationships with adult mentors and each other while they make decisions and navigate the journey to adulthood.