Music Ministry

First Bethel Musicians always find new ways to sing God’s praises through words, harmonies, and hymns that express worship in special ways.  Week after week, they share their gifts to create a beautiful offering to God, the giver of all gifts.  Our musicians are under the direction of our Music Director Sam, who brings his own plethora of gifts to our music ministries.  Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at 6:30PM.

<ON HOLD> Angels of God 17732_Hymnalis designed for students in kindergarten through sixth grade and provides a wonderful opportunity to learn spiritual expression through song.  Whether the participant is continuing a choir experience, or singing for the first time. Miss Phil explores each kid’s vocal talents in her unique and creative way and everyone has fun doing it.  This lively group meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM for singing songs of the Spirit.

<ON HOLD> Bells have been a part of Christian worship for centuries and when you hear our bell choirs, you’ll understand why.