Church Life

Nurture & Grow

Nurture & Grow

There are many opportunities to grow in faith beyond Sunday morning worship. No matter what you choose, we will meet you where you are and help you take the next steps on your journey.

Children & Youth
Jesus said “Let the children come unto me”. We take those words very seriously. All children and youth are welcomed into the fold and surrounded by a loving church family. As the younger persons are nurtured in faith, we all experience God’s unconditional love.

Faith Development
Going deeper in faith can include reading the Bible or other writings and then discerning meaning by study and discussion. Select a book from our Church Library and expand your horizon. Come to Book Club and challenge yourself to read something you might not have picked up otherwise. Attend a small group study led by our Senior Pastor and become a better disciple.

You may not immediately realize how fellowship events like Dinner Clubs can strengthen your relationships with others from your church family. Even stopping by for a cup of coffee after a worship service can build connections. These bonds are not easily broken as God’s love is reflected within and between us.

Kings School Kids Childcare & Preschool
Kings School Kids is unapologetic about our commitment to the church of Jesus Christ. Our music, stories and videos reflect our commitment to Christian values and lifestyle. We use the best faith based and secular art, stories and music to ready our children for life in the world. Our goal is to find the gifts and graces of each child, parent and staff member and help them reach their God-given potential.  See our Kings School Kids website or call us for more information!

Our church library has a great selection of books for all ages and interests. The collection has been growing for more than forty years and our library volunteers will be happy to help you find just the book you’re looking for.  New books are added frequently, check these out: Spring 2024 Library New Additions

Meal Train
A home-cooked meal delivered to a Church Member can satisfy and sustain during a either a challenging or celebratory time in life

Music Ministry
Music abounds in this place! We have talented vocalists, musicians and experienced leaders that fill the sanctuary with wonderful expressions of worship and prayer.

Visit with our homebound members and deliver small tokens of our love to those that cannot join us in church

Sunday School
There is something for all ages on Sunday mornings. Our traditional children’s Sunday School classes are led by devoted teachers and caregivers and are geared towards different age groups. The  Wired Word adult Sunday School meets to discuss current real-world issues and how our Christian faith impacts our views and actions.