FBUMC Schoolhouse

Early First Bethel Church

First Bethel was founded in 1947 on the site of an abandoned one room school house known as King’s School.

Our founders added a basement where early worship services were held.  This was followed by a new home for the pastor in 1952, a sanctuary in 1955 and an education wing in 1960.

Major renovations were completed in 2005 to provide access for handicapped persons and to add inviting ministry and gathering spaces for all. We have grown and changed over the years but have honored our humble beginnings and remained a friendly, welcoming church.

Through the generations, our vision has been:

“Nourish Every Body, Stimulate Every Spirit, Satisfy Every Soul, For the Glory of God”

FBUMC Easter Sunday Post-Gazette photo by Harry Coughanour

Easter Sunday Post-Gazette photo by Harry Coughanour

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