First Bethel Library

DSCF0221“No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books.”
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

With over 1,800 titles, you’ll be surprised by the variety and frequent circulation of new books on our shelves. Children’s books are located on the bottom shelves, in easy reach. There is also a special shelf marked for Young Adult readers.

Click here to see new additions for Summer 2022

It is so easy to visit our Church Library! It is located prominently in the Narthex as you enter the church. The library is visible and readily accessible to all. We are blessed to have many readers in our congregation who love and support our library.

On Sunday mornings from 9 to 11AM, our Library is attended by a staff of volunteers, who will help you find that certain book, recommend favorites or point out new additions to the shelves.

However, feel free to use our Library whenever you are in the building! When you find that special book you are looking for, simply sign the book card in the back of the book, and drop it into the small wooden box on the Library desk marked “Honor Box”.

What about COVID-19?  Let the church office or Lea know if you want a book, and we’ll get it to you!  We can use the Drop Box on the porch of the church office, or we will figure out another way.  

A visit to your Church Library can help you grow in your faith, get inspiration, learn something new. Please stop by and see for yourself. Our Church Library is a fantastic